Perivoli Foundation

Perivoli Innovations allocates profits to the Perivoli Foundation, a UK Charity, which supports the Perivoli Schools Trust, the Perivoli Africa Research Centre (PARC) and a number of other founder-led charities.

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Perivoli Schools Trust

The purpose of the Perivoli Schools Trust is to address some of the inadequacies of nursery school education in sub-Saharan Africa.

The programme’s goal is to transform the prospects of the region in a generation by showing nursery school teachers the power of play, how to organise their classrooms and how to make educational toys out of waste material.

Since 2013 the initiative has reached over 8000 nursery school teachers in three countries with 200,000 across the Continent being the ultimate target. It aims to remain in contact with each of them with guidance and assistance over an indefinite period.

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Perivoli Africa Research Centre

The Perivoli Africa Research Centre was established at the University of Bristol as a cross-disciplinary commitment to transform the University’s approach to research and partnerships in Africa in the hope of better advancing the continent’s development objectives.

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Founder-led Charities

Perivoli Foundation also supports a selection of small to medium sized, founder-led, entrepreneurially minded charities that focus on enhancing education in developing countries and war zones; enhancing the lives of those with disabilities; and on combating poaching, the mistreatment of animals and natural habitat degradation.