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Perivoli Innovations is a Purpose Trust established in 2016 with the Perivoli Trust as its Settlor. Its aim is to allocate the profits from successful investments in new technologies to the Perivoli Foundation, a UK Charity, one of which's principal objectives is to fund the Perivoli Schools Trust which focusses on addressing the inadequacies of nursery school education in sub-Saharan Africa.


Perivoli Innovations has a dual mission

Firstly, to invest in opportunities presented by the early stage commercialisation of life science, medical, digital, renewable energy and other new technologies which have a positive social impact; and, secondly, to allocate the resulting profits, if any, to the Perivoli Foundation, a UK
Charity, which supports the Perivoli Schools Trust, which seeks to address the inadequacies of nursery school education in sub Saharan Africa, the Perivoli Africa Research Centre (PARC) at the University of Bristol, and other worthy causes.


Perivoli Innovations answers to no third party investors and takes a long term view. It does not set time lines or internal rate of return expectations in the belief that “patient”, nurturing capital delivers better outcomes. Perivoli Innovations depends solely on the Perivoli Trust for its funding as well as the reinvesting of proceeds from divestments not allocated to the Perivoli Foundation.

Investment Strategy

Perivoli Innovations looks for early stage, innovative and highly scalable businesses that have the potential to make a big difference to people’s lives and the planet. Its initial focus has been on spin-out opportunities
from the research activities of leading UK
Universities ; digital business in the UK; and those
in Africa focussing on formalising informal markets.

Value Added

Perivoli Innovations plans its approach to capital allocation so as to be able to “follow-on” in subsequent funding rounds. In some instances it hopes to add value by providing advice and access to experts where appropriate.


Perivoli Innovations does not charge subscription fees, legal fees, annual supervision fees or any other fees to its investee companies.


Perivoli Innovations has made forty six
investments since mid 2016. Of these, one, in East Africa, has failed and another, in Bristol, has been mothballed. The fortunes of the others seem to rise and fall like a bobbing boat. The Trustees have no idea how things will play out, but hope well enough to fund the aspirations of the Perivoli


Perivoli Innovations has made direct investments into the following businesses and indirect investments through Funds into others.


is an Africa based on-line gaming business (simple quizzes) that plans to end up as a mobile payments platform

Perivoli Schools Trust

It is a sad fact that an estimated 30% of children entering sub-Saharan African state education systems aged six or seven drop out of primary school by aged ten, a large number of girl students fall pregnant from aged thirteen and too few students complete their education.

One of the widely accepted reasons for the failure of formal education systems is simply that children have not been equipped in their nursery school years to deal with school life. The aim of The Perivoli Schools Trust is to see primary school dropout rates decline and for children to get more out of their formal education.

The Programme run by the Perivoli Schools Trust shows nursery school teachers through a course of sixteen Training Modules delivered over a two year period how to manage their class rooms, how to make educational toys out of waste materials and, in doing so, the value of play which is otherwise not well understood across the region.

The Trust currently employs a corpus of Perivoli Trainers who in addition to delivering the Training Modules undertake regular class visits to the nursery school teachers to assist with the implementation of the Programme and provide ongoing supervision on an indefinite basis.

The Perivoli Schools Trust, funded hitherto by the Perivoli Trust, has interacted with over 7500 nursery school teachers in Namibia, Malawi and Zambia reaching an estimated 200,000 children aged two to seven. It will shortly be launching in Botswana, Uganda and Burundi. Its goal, depending on the success of Perivoli Innovations, is to see these numbers increase many fold over time.

Over 12,000 class visits take place each year. The Trainers are issued with tablet computers so as to record details of each interaction with the nursery school teachers so as to assess the teachers’ progress and direct the attentions of the Trainers most effectively. The progress of many of the children through primary and secondary schools is tracked so as to assess the effectiveness or otherwise of the programme.

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